The Wall Street Journal

“The best narrative history of the Alamo since Walter Lord's 1961 classic, A Time to Stand.”

“Stirring…combines strong narrative chops with exhaustive research.”


The Economist

“Blazing history.”

The Dallas Morning News

“Trust the Facts,” an essay by the author on the importance of distinguishing historical facts from myths.

The Dallas Morning News

“A mighty book.”

The Washington Times

“Mr. Donovan's gripping book is history at its best--exactingly sourced and written with a vividness that challenges you to put it down.”

The San Antonio Express-News

“One of the best accounts ever of the Alamo siege….Donovan establishes historical background, then punctuates it with biographies….Using this approach [he] effectively builds drama.”

The Houston Chronicle

“The best book on the battle of the Alamo . . . Donovan has a splendid sense of historical narrative.”

MHQ (Military History Quarterly)

“James Donovan’s The Blood of Heroes provides not only a synthesis of previous work but also excellent new material from the byways and nuances of Alamo history. The result is surely the best account to date.”

The Denver Post

“The best book on the battle.”

Texas Monthly

Article on the author and the book, with a list of important Alamo sources.

Wild West Magazine

“Donovan develops the same kind of excellent read for Alamo aficionados that he earlier did for Custer/Little Bighorn fans….Donovan handles the 13-day siege, the final deadly March 6, 1836, assault and its aftermath in fine fashion."

Kirkus Reviews

The Blood of Heroes is an authoritative, moving retelling of an enduring episode of sacrifice and courage.”

San Angelo Standard Times

An insightful Q-and-A about the book.